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Gail Kelly on what it means to be a successful modern leader

In today’s competitive and tough business environment, one of the major keys towards business success is effective leadership. Every business needs someone to lead them; someone who knows how to make his subordinates work as one well-oiled machine. When a team is lead properly, they are more likely to become successful.

How to be a successful leader? If you want to become a successful leader, you should develop behaviours, qualities, skills and competencies enabling you to navigate the challenges and evolving demands of your organisation’s landscape. You need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to respond to changes in organizations and employee behaviour.

The shifting focus points within the organisational setting are the foundation of the modern leader. It is also the requirements for successful leadership. More importantly, a successful leader knows how to respond to changes – this skill can definitely enhance your leader effectiveness. The changes in business environment, economy, and other significant factors push leaders to new and unfamiliar levels. If a leader is able to anticipate and understand the changes, a strategic approach to developing skills and talents to respond to those changing demands can enable a leader to navigate challenges more easily.

In an article published by Business Insider Australia, Westpac’s former boss, Gail Kelly, explains what it means to be a successful modern leader. In this article you will a lot of tips about modern leadership.

You can read the full article here:

Three ways to start marketing with benefit and convenience in mind

Business owner planning

Every small business needs to grow and it is the entrepreneur’s main responsibilities to apply strategies that can make their business grow easily. If you are going to use methods or strategies in your business for an easier improvement, then your trade will definitely grow. In relation to that, marketing can solve your problem.

Marketing is about creating saliency in your customers’ mind. The more different the product is, the easier for it to be purchased. And with the advancement in technology and the advent of the internet, marketing has become more efficient and convenient for businesses.

However, some entrepreneurs sometimes question the advantages of marketing their product or service online. They wonder if whether or not they get a payback if they invest time and effort in developing online presence.

One way of judging the effectiveness of a marketing channel is to assess whether other businesses are advertising on it. And according to a report that I read the other day the internet is the place to be!

Today, video marketing has become one of the rapidly growing forms of online marketing when it comes to popularity. It works 24 hours a day every day of the year, offering explanations about your products and services far more effectively and clearly than any text on a corporate website.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Productivity High All Day

Workplace productivity is a popular topic heard around the many business establishments these days. Entrepreneurs of all sizes need to be sure that the employees they are paying are providing value to the company. One way to measure this value is to measure workplace productivity. For each hour, an employee is not productive the company loses money.

5 Ways to Keep Your Productivity High All Day

The process of measuring productivity is not as easy as it seems. You must define for yourself what defines the various measurements of productivity. It could be meeting specific goals or reaching a particular number of sales each month. Actually, the possibilities are endless.

For determining productivity, many companies outsource other service to take charge of the responsibility. These companies specialise in coming into a business, studying it, preparing definitions for productivity and them measuring the productivity and presenting the results to the client. Most companies can also provide the client and their employees with plans for improving workflow, productivity and job satisfaction. Successful implementation of these plans increases profits and establishes happier employees. And hence the advantages offset the cost of the service.

Meanwhile, some business owners choose the traditional way of boosting productivity – that is thru effective communication and good employee-employer relationship. In other words, they just want to make their employees happy as much as possible, because they believe that happier workers are the more productive ones.

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Outsourcing proves a winner for Young Rich lister Scott Stavretis

The internet revolution started off a series of dramatic changes and improvements in information technology. One of these innovations is the rise of Business Process Outsourcing or BPO.

Young entrepreneur Scott Stavretis wants outsourcing and call centre business Acquire BPO to earn as much revenue from ...

Business Process Outsourcing is the term that refers to the method of using third-party services to handle one or few of your business operations that require specialised skills. In its earlier stages, BPO applied primarily to manufacturing companies. For instance, a shoe manufacturing company that outsources labour from other countries where labour is cheap.

However, since technology practically took over our lives, BPO now applies to a host of services chiefly using the World Wide Web to complete tasks. Outsourcing means the process where the services of a third-party service provider are contracted for various business operations.

 Thanks to the Internet revolution, BPO came to indicate the process of leveraging the skills and expertise of technology vendors in low-cost economies. Their goal is to accomplish internal tasks that were once the responsibility of a particular business enterprise.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is also generally referred to as ‘offshore outsourcing’ as the outsourcing process is sent to another country. If the business operations are outsourced to a neighbouring country the term is called ‘near shore outsourcing’.

Does BPO help in making a business successful? Check out Scott Stavretis’ story on how outsourcing proves a winner. Read his story at:

Buteyko — effective cure for ashtma

Nasal congestion is a serious health problem that affects millions of people every day. There are so many medications manufactured by pharmaceutical companies these days. Sadly, these medicines have not been very effective in curing the breathing problems.

Fortunately Russian medical doctors developed the Buteyko breathing technique, a simple breathing exercise. Buteyko has been taught to over 200,000 patients in the USSR and Russia who suffer from asthma and other breathing issues.

Buteyko can be effective and is very easy to perform. Please check out the video below to learn more about this breathing exercise:

How to Apply Ice to Nose Pimples

The nose is an important part of the face which is located above the mouth. It is where breath passes and serves as the organ of smell. Moreover, it always becomes the centre of attention whenever someone’s face is examined hence it contributes greatly to a person’s facial or physical beauty.

Since it the nose is the centre of the face, people complain when they feel flaws on their nose. They are embarrassed when they have wide or big those; they even hate having pimples or acne on their nose.

Acne and pimple can really make your nose look ugly. If you want to get rid of these flaws, use ice and check out the video below to know how:

How to Use the Neti Pot

Many common diseases like colds or allergens can often obstruct your normal breathing often produce annoying and troublesome symptoms blocking nasal cavities. There are also a lot of pharmaceutical companies that offer simple over-the-counter remedies to address these issues. However, they are not very effective in solving the issue.

For most people, using nasal irrigation or neti pot has always been the most effective solution for sinusitis and other nasal problems. It is a safe, reliable and effective home remedy for nasal congestions, allergies, and other issues you can have with your nasal cavities.

If you would like to learn more about nasal irrigation and how to use a neti pot, you can check out the video below:

What is Deviated Nasal Septum (DNS)

A deviated nasal septum, or also known as DNS, is common physical disorder of the nose which involves the displacement of the nasal septum. This disorder is often caused by impact trauma, or force or blow to the facial area near the nose.

On the other hand, deviated nasal septum can also be a congenital disorder, which means that you acquire DNS from childbirth. This may happen when there was a compression of the nose during pregnancy or childbirth.

If you want to learn more about deviated nasal septum and the symptoms related to this nasal disorder, you can check out the video below:

Knowing What Sinusitis Is

There are many misunderstandings associated with sinusitis and relating conditions we experience with our nose. Basically, sinusitis is inflammation that occurs in the sinuses’ lining which is caused by bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

There are several things people can do to relieve themselves from sinusitis, depending on the situation they have. Some are prescribed to take decongestants and antibiotics but others who are in the more severe conditions are advised to undergo surgery.

Meanwhile, others who have mild sinusitis to boil water in a pan and then inhale the steam, allowing it to relax the inflamed sinus tissues and dilute the congested discharge in the nasal passageways effectively, causing the mucus to flow out for easy removal.

For more on sinusitis, check out the video below:

Rhinoplasty Surgery & the Important Things You Need to Know

Rhinoplasty, or commonly referred as “nose job” is a cosmetic surgery performed by professionals. It is an option for individuals who do not like the size or shape of their nose, or the way it functions. Yep, rhinoplasty is not only for aesthetic purposes. It is also used to correct nose abnormalities caused by injuries or in-born issues.

However, this cosmetic surgery is often used to change a patient’s appearance and restore balance to his or her face. Changes are made to the nasal bones and tissues so that the appearance of your nose will improve.

Whatever your reason is, whether it’s because you want to look better, want to correct problem caused by an injury, or you just simply want to end your breathing troubles; it is very vital to know what this operation is all about. And more importantly, make sure that your doctor is very capable of completing the whole process.

Watch the video below for more on rhinoplasty: